Since 1964, The Gellert Company has provided the raw product storage industry with state of the art controls to meet the ever changing expectations of our customers. Our goal is to respond to industry feedback and provide the most advanced technology available in control systems. The most recent example of this commitment is the introduction of the Gellert Agri-Star™ Control Panel.

The Gellert Company Agri-Star™ Control Panel features a large, full-color touch screen display, complete on-screen graphing, multi-mode CO2 control, plug and play internet-ready communications that requires no proprietary software to operate, user friendly and clear operating interface, on-board help menus, and software flexibility to control both Potato and Onion systems.


controls system monitor
controls co2 purge control

System Monitor

CO2 Purge Control

controls graph
plenum humidity control


Plenum Humidity Control