Gellert’s ClimaSeal Fresh Air doors are sized specifically for your Gellert Certified ventilation system. ClimaSeal doors provide a complete air seal to prevent heat transfer and provide precise and consistent temperature control. Manufactured with a vinyl frame and door insert, ClimaSeal doors guarantee a uniform appearance that will not fade or discolor due to extreme weather conditions. ClimaSeal doors are fitted with heat-tape to prevent ice buildup in even the most extreme climates. ClimaSeal doors can be hinged on either the top or side of the frame to allow for easy installation in any size or style of building.

fresh air doors

Fresh Air Doors

Gellert’s GDC Door Controller is simple to operate, reliable, and provides precise control of ClimaSeal Doors or Fresh Air Louvers. Service features include status indicating LEDs for all signal power and fusing and full manual override of all control functions to insure simple trouble shooting.

Fresh Air Doors

The Gellert Linear Actuator features a potentiometer for precise positioning and integral adjustable limit switches to automatically shut off actuator within desired operating ranges. Housing and motor are fully sealed to protect all internal components from harsh environments. When integrated with the Gellert Control Panel, the actuator offers precise temperature control and is available in a variety of stroke lengths.