Gellert’s Type L and H Centrifugal Humidifiers provide a simple solution to a variety of humidification needs as they are completely self-contained and require only a water supply and electrical connection for operation. Specifically designed for minimum maintenance, the fan and disc are the only moving parts and all parts coming in contact with water are made using stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum materials to insure corrosion resistant operation.  Type L and H Centrifugal Humidifiers are powered by fractional HP motors to insure low operating costs and profitable energy savings.

Gellert manufactures sixteen different models and configurations in house and all models and configurations are available for immediate shipment.  All Gellert humidifiers are “wet tested” prior to shipment to insure a trouble free start-up. In addition, Gellert stocks all replacement parts for Gellert Humidifiers and also stocks replacement parts for other Humidifier models in the industry. Gellert Type L and H Centrifugal Humidifiers are used world –wide in vegetable storage, fruit ripening, mushroom production, greenhouses, woodworking plants, printing rooms, paper storage and tobacco processing and storage.  The Gellert Company has over 45 years experience in humidifier applications and complete climate control systems.

Gellert Centrifugal Humidifier Specifications




Type H

Type L

GPH Rating




1/4hp 3450 rpm
50 or 60hz
Totally Enclosed
Single Phase

3/4hp 3450rpm
50 or 60hz
Totally Enclosed
Three Phase

Power Requirements

115 or 230v 60hz
110 or 220v 50hz
Single Phase

208,230,460v 60hz
190,208,220,380,415,440v 50hz Three Phase


Features: Narrow Fog Pattern, O.S.H.A. approved Fan Guards, Low Operating
Costs, Uses No Nozzles, Available In Several Arrangements

Arrangements: Head Only Ventilated and Non-Ventilated
Floor Stand Ventilated and Non-Ventilated
Portable Ventilated and Non-Ventilated
Ceiling Mounted Ventilated and Non-Ventilated

Applications: Vegetable Storage, Mushroom Production, Tobacco Storage, Paper Storage, Textile Mills, Wood Mills, Printing Rooms, Food Processing, Poultry