Beverage Solutions

Controlling Temperature and Humidity and maintaining consistent levels for Breweries, Wineries and Dairy Processing is key to Climate Management.

Gellert Solutions

Gellert can help you with a number of challenges including carbonation, dissolving oxygen, bottle filling, clarification, fermentation and more. Creating the right climate for the right application provides solutions that solve cost and revenue challenges.


Whether you need fixed wide area or smaller integral or portable humidification, Gellert has you covered with a solution. Gellert can also help you dehumidify with refrigerated or desiccant drying.


Depending on your process, Gellert can help you through the many stages including Malolactic Fermentation, Barrel Storing, Clarifying and even the Charmat Method that all require varying refrigeration and temperature control.


Gellert controls are full featured and powerful yet friendly. They provide humidity, ventilation and temperature control. Our 4 to 20 sensor connections work with a variety of sensors and allow for adding additional control of lighting and more.

Featured Products

Gellert provides a combination of Proprietary products along with Best in Class Manufactures to help solve challenges. Some of this equipment includes:


  • Winery Refrigeration
  • Brewery Refrigeration
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Barrel Room Cooling
  • Case Refrigeration
  • Case Room Cooling
  • Tank Controlling
  • Utility Auditing for Energy Savings

Refrigeration Unit

Gellert’s Best in Class Manufactures¬†build a wide variety of Wine Chillers for cooling tanks. We can also provide manifold piping systems for the coolant to chill several wine tanks at different intervals. The fermentation process can be stopped at any desired temperature when a mixture of glycol and water is used as the coolant solution.

Centrifugal Humidifier

Integral humidification can be both fixed, portable and with or without ventilation. Fixed larger area humidification is often easier to maintain at more precise levels than smaller portable solutions.